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Jordan web

"Wherever you go, there you are!"

Jordan lives her appetite for learning new things, and she gets to do that all day long here at Studio West. Southern hospitality blended with fierce persistence makes Jordan especially effective when overseeing people and projects. She is creative, kind and just enough out there to make her a perfect fit for our team. Jordan's desire to push the limits of reality grew out of her love and respect for Disney and all things fantastical. Jordan is a proud graduate of Texas Tech and an active member of Studio West's Red Raider fan club. She is a Lubbock native who is passionate about her friends and family, including those who are feisty and furry. Recently Jordan took a step in adding to her official family: Her longtime boyfriend turned fiancé, marking a significant—and blessed—milestone in her life. Branded as Jojo by those who know her best, Jordan is learning to play the ukulele, and discovering the art of watercolor. We like her nickname, and see it as a perfect reflection of her zany personality. Another truth told: Jojo tends to overuse exclamation points. We've embraced what might otherwise be deemed a flaw since—to us—it simply means that Jordan wants everyone to feel as excited as she is...always!

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